The Outstanding Blogger Award

Heyhey BookNerds! I was tagged by the amazing and sweetest book blogger Ashlee @ BooksAre42! Be sure to check out Ashlee’s blog, it is brilliant!!


  • Have the link to the creator’s original award post;
  • Answer the questions provided;
  • Create 7 unique questions;
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers. Neither the award’s creator nor the blogger that nominated you can be nominated

Ashlee’s Questions:

What genre do you want to read more of this year?

Hmmm, so I always plan to broaden my reading but I am always drawn back to fantasy. However, I do plan to read more psychology non-fiction books, general literature and others that capture my attention! I’m also trying to keep up reading more inclusive fantasy reads!

Who is your most read author?

I honestly have no clue. While I do like certain authors, I rarely read all or only their work… I plan to but my tbr is a black hole! I have been reading a lot of debut authors recently, and a lot of orbit authors new series in an attempt to read more new and inclusive fantasy (RJ Barker, Davin Madson, MA Carrick, KS Villoso, Andrea Stewart, Evan Winter etc… have been new faves). I have, however, read a lot of Sarah J Maas recently, simply because she has been on m tbr a long time and I wanted to see why everyone loves her series. I’ve also read a lot of Rick Riordan recently too!

Do you own any special editions of books? Which is your favourite?

*Sighh* Despite being a book lover, I do not actually own any special editions of books. I have some Hardback editions, or particularly pretty ones, or ones with pictures but none are specifically special editions… so sad I know. I do have books with bonus content though., my editions of the Shadow And Bone Trilogy have letters, pictures, and a short story in the backs.

Where does your current read take place?

While writing this post my current read is Kingdom Of Ash, by Sarah J Maas, which of course takes place in Erilea, with Terrasen as the place of battle.

How do you take your tea/coffee/warm beverage of choice?

Coffee is my choice! A big heap of coffee, a few sugars, and a dash of milk = perfect! Though I do love a mocha.

Other than books, what is the last thing you bought online?

The last thing I bought would have been Christmas gifts for my family and friends, an assortment of items, and birthday presents for my friends!

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose?

Hehe, well I do love my chihuahua’s! And am a dog person, though cats are adorable. But I would love a lot of different pets if I had the time, money and space. I’d love to have an axolotl or snake though.

Also to add because ~fantasy~ if it were possible I would totally have a dragon, or at least a talking animal sidekick of any kind!

My Questions!

  1. What is your most aniticipated release this year?
  2. What is the prettiest book you own, and did the story live up to the cover?
  3. What was your favourite inclusive/diverse read from 2020 (or from this year so far)?
  4. Do you prefer standalones or series?
  5. If you could have any fictional character’s entire wardrobe, whose would it be?
  6. Which mystical/fantasy creature would you want as a companion?
  7. What are you passionate about, outside of reading?

I’m Nominating:


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