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Mini Book Review: The Foxglove King, by Hannah Whitten

3 Stars?? Synopsis: Lore can feel Mortem, can channel it, can use it. But, this is something she must keep hidden. And she does… until things go wrong. CW/TW: Death/Reanimation/Murder/Assassination references/others may be present. Rep: Queernormative world, side queer characters, one Male MC is implied to be Bi/Pan. The Foxglove King by Hannah Whitten ……

Book Review: The Magicians Daughter, by HG Parry

4 Stars! Synopsis: Biddy grew up on the magical island of Hy-Brasil, and has never left. But her guardian leaves often. One night when he fails to return by dawn, Biddy finds out that there are more dangers beyond Hy-Brasil than she could ever have known. CW/TW: Death/Blood/Torture/Poverty/others may be present. The Magician’s Daughter, by…


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I read because it is the most significant form of travel. To read is to travel from world to world in an instant, and best of all each of those worlds become a part of who you are, as if by magic.

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