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Welcome to my Book-review blog!

I am an avid reader, massive nerd and book reviewer (I read ARC’s provided by Netgalley) as well as classics and many others. I am a disabled reader who loves to see diversity in what I read and I like to escape into my books! My favourite genres are Fanstasy, Sci-Fi and Historical Fiction, but I am open to reading anything fun or interesting!

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Book Review: Skin Of The Sea, by Natasha Bowen

“Here is a story. Story it is.” Synopsis: Simi once prayed to the Gods, to her ancestral Orisa. But now she serves as Mami Wata ( a mermaid) under the guidance of Yemoja. Simi collects the souls of those who were stolen and died at sea, blessing them on their journey home. But when Simi […]

The Mid-Year Book Check-In Tag

So this tag is actually called The Mid-Year Freak Out Tag 2021, but many bloggers have raised the issue that the term is ableist. So in an attempt to combat this I’ve re-titled the tag for my blog as The Mid Year Book Check In Tag (I believe this adjustment was recommended by another blogger on […]


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I read because it is the most significant form of travel. To read is to travel from world to world in an instant, and best of all each of those worlds become a part of who you are, as if by magic.”

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