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Welcome to my Book-review blog!

I am an avid reader, massive nerd and book reviewer (I read ARC’s provided by Netgalley) as well as classics and many others. I am a disabled reader who loves to see diversity in what I read and I like to escape into my books! My favourite genres are Fanstasy, Sci-Fi and Historical Fiction, but I am open to reading anything fun or interesting!

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Book Review: The Book Eaters, by Sunyi Dean

“Are you good? Are you kind?” 4.5 Stars! Synopsis: On the Yorkshire Moors live a family of BookEaters, One of Six Families. Steeped in rigid tradition, set roles and rules, the Patriarchy of the BookEater Family dictates their way of life. But where girls are to be good ‘Princesses’, how far will Devon go to […]

Book Review: The Oleander Sword (Burning Kingdoms #2), by Tasha Suri

5 Stars! Synopsis: Malini is determined to accept the Fate bestowed upon her. Priya is determined to free people from the Rot and restore Ahiranya. The two soon realise their paths will meet again, but the cost may be greater than either of them could have anticipated. CW/TW: Body Horror/Gore/Death/Manipulation/Burning/Sexism/War/Violence/Others may be present. Rep: Sapphic […]

July 2022 Wrap-Up

Happy Disability Pride Month, BookNerds!! I hope this month has been kind to you all and full of brilliant reads! I had a very busy month – so let’s see! Books I Read! So this month I finished a total of 16 books! The Oleander Sword, by Tasha Suri – Netgalley eARC – Sapphic MC’s, […]

Mini Book Review: The Monsters We Defy, by Leslye Penelope

Synopsis: Clara can see Spirits and tries to keep her head down. But, when she and an unlikely crew have to come together to pull of a heist to save their people, Clara’s life changes. CW/TW: Racism/Manipulation/Police Brutality/Slavery/Classism/Possession/Mentions of Death/Abandonment/ others may be present. Rep: Black cast | Albino Character | Gay/Queer side characters | […]


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I read because it is the most significant form of travel. To read is to travel from world to world in an instant, and best of all each of those worlds become a part of who you are, as if by magic.

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