Review Policy

Please read the entire page before sending me a request so that you understand my terms, what I do review and what I do not review.

NOTE FOR INDIE/SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHORS: Hello authors, my name is Kat and I am a panellist for the first annual BBNYA (The Book Blogger’s Novel Of The Year Awards). This is an incredible opportunity where you have the ability to share your book with 100+ book bloggers. Not only that but there is also the chance to win some amazing prizes as well! The aim of BBNYA is to support Indie/Self-published authors!

If you are interested head over to the official Twitter account: @BBNYA_Official where you can keep an eye out for updates and the opening of the author enteries!

What I Review:

-ARC’s from Netgalley

-Fantasy and Sci-Fi

-Historical Fiction


-Horror and Thriller

-LGBTQ+ fiction



-General/Literary Fiction


*I also accept review requests, paperback/hardback ARC’s and eARC’s from authors and publishers.*

What I Do Not Review:

Any book recommendations you have please send to me via my twitter- I’m always happy to try new books! I will review them on my blog and credit those who recommended it. I do not read/review erotica, Young Children’s books, biographies/autobiographies OR short story collections.

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What I Look For In Books:

When reviewing books I look for diversity, representation and the portrayal of each character. However, I also look at the worldbuilding, magic systems (if any) and character development- all of which influences my ratings.


All of my reviews are my own honest thoughts on the book. If I received the book for free from publishers/authors it will not have an impact on whether the review is favourable or not. Many of the books I read will not be reviewed until closer to the publication date (if provided by Netgalley) in compliance with the publishers rules.

The book cover images I use for my reviews are from Goodreads/Authors themselves. However, my logo and homepage pictures are my own.

My review will be posted on this Blog, Goodreads and Twitter. NOT on Amazon due to their customer policy.

My star ratings work on a .25 basis (- i.e. 4, 4.25, 4.5,4.75,5):

1 STAR – Could not finish, could not connect with characters, could not follow the plot.
2 STARS– Good plot/characters, not for me, could not get into it.
3 STARS- Good plot, good characters, I probably wanted more, liked the book and would recommend.
4 STARS – Loved it, loved the plot/characters, something small was missing. – would recommend
5 STARS– Amazing, no issues loved everything. – Would recommend

I reserve the right to DNF a book sent for a review request if it is not for me.

If you would like to contact me regarding a review request then please head over to my Contact Page and send me an email that includes; who you are (publisher/author/representative), the title and genre of your book, the authors name (if it is not the author contacting me), the publishing company, date of release or deadline for the review, links to the book on GR and Amazon, and why you want me to review this book for you.

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