About Me

Me: 💜🏳️‍🌈♿

Heyhey! I’m Kat (though KiKi, KB or Kit is fine too!😊 – she/her). I am a 20 something UK book lover who cannot remember a time when books were not the love of her life. My favourite genre has always been fantasy (I found it the easiest to escape into) but I also love to read anything and everything.

I am a physically disabled queer woman, a wheelchair user, which is partly why I love to see inclusivity in books that I read. I am currently a University student (studying Psychology) who runs this blog in order to talk about books I (and you) loved!

Other than reading, I have a fair few interests. Firstly, I am a huge nerd and am in many many fandoms – if there is a fandom then there is a 99% chance i’m in it! Secondly, I enjoy Anime and Manga, as well as the occasional comic or graphic novel. Lastly, I love to draw, write, research (I enjoy social sciences and debates), and watch musicals (and sing along of course).

Reviews and books:

I am a UK reviewer who mainly reviews books from Netgalley, and also will do so for publishers or authors, but will occasionally review books I own or have been gifted/bought myself. To see what I review go to my Review Policy page.

If you are a UK reader then you should check out Readers First ( a site operated by NetGalley UK Ltd) and use my referral code to create an account: dc2150aa746f51e28 – we both get 100 points if you do this which can go towards a new free book ! (I am not affiliated with the site or endorsed by it- I am just a user of it)


I am all for inclusivity and look for it in my books. I also try to support diverse/inclusive books/authors. I try to promote inclusivity for all minority groups – and any hatred towards any minority group will not be tolerated. If you feel I have been insensitive or have used inaccurate information on my blog/social platforms then please use my Contact page and let me know. I try my best to use the correct terminology and information when writing my reviews but if I fail to do so please tell me – I am open to learning and being taught about what I have gotten wrong and I will immediately correct it!