Mini Book Review: For The Throne (Wilderwood #2), by Hannah Whitten

Fantasy | Netgalley eARC | Publishing: June 2022 | Publisher: Orbit Books.

The First Daughter is For The Throne. The Second Daughter Has Become The Wolf’s.

Synopsis: Neve and Red have made sacrifices. Now they must make choices, choices that could end in blood and darkness…

CW/TW: Death/Self-mutilation/self-harm, for magic purposes mentioned/Blood/Violence/Talk of forced marriage/Others may be present.

Rep: Bisexual, Aro and Ace rep all alluded too (though terms are not explicitly used).

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.5 Stars

For The Throne is a sequel, and conclusion, to For The Wolf (See my review for Wilderwood book 1 here -> Book Review: For The Wolf (Wilderwood #1), by Hannah Whitten)

Thus, this review may contain spoilers for Book 1 In the series.

For The Throne, by Hannah Whitten is just a beautiful and vivid as For The Wolf. Whitten truly has gorgeous and captivating prose that is rich and descriptive, capturing the full extent and beauty or horror of using magic, of the Wilderwood and of the Shadowlands. Again, Whitten manages to strike the perfect balance between beauty and horror and this is maintained throughout the entire book. Overall, Whitten’s prose is truly a pleasure to read, it captures the attention and conjures up detailed settings and scenes.

Where book 1 is focused primarily around Red, book 2 draws more focus on Neve. The story is told from the perspectives of Red and Neve, though this time we get a lot more of Neve’s POV. We also get Raffe’s POV dotted throughout, adding to our understanding of the story. The multiple POV worked really well with this book, particularly as Neve is trapped in the Shadowlands and Red is still on the surface as the Wilderwood. I really loved all three POV’s and was so happy to get more of Neve as well!! I wanted more Neve in book 1, and book 2 delivers on this wish!

The book picks up right where book 1 left off, Neve is in the Shadowlands with Solmir, Red and Eamonn have become the Wilderwood, a new bargain has been struck and trouble still looms. I really enjoyed the plot of this book, the idea of fate but one still dependent on choices made, the ides of duality that play across the novel, and the ideas of love that permeate the story. We follow Neve as she tries to escape the Shadowlands (and Solmir’s company) while deciding how to destroy the Kings, and we follow Red as she tries to save Neve from the dark. Both journeys are intriguing and full of twists and turns that keep you captivated. I loved both characters journey in this book and how it built on and developed their personalities we had grown to know and love throughout book 1.

Aside from Red and Neve, we also get to see much more of Solmir, Eammon, and Raffe. Each of them have their own motives and goals too, Raffe to save Neve and keep things calm, Eammon to protect Red, and Solmir who keeps his motives close to his chest. I loved seeing all three of these characters play their parts in the story and through them we also get to see more of Fife and Lyra, Kiri, and a new character called Kayu! Everyone has a part to play in Red and Neve’s respective journey’s and it was fascinating watching they all came together.

Another beautiful and captivating element of this book is the magic. Much like in book one, Whitten crafts a fine line between beauty and horror in her magic, and develops a delightful duality that we began to see unfold in book one. The WIlderwood magic is different now, but no less beautiful and determined. But, we get to see a lot more of the shadow magic in this book too! I loved being in the Shadowlands with Neve, learning about the shadow magic, how it works and the monstrous nature it seems to have. The magic is truly a gorgeous element of this series and it is so compelling.

The other major aspect this book tackles is love, and not just the romantic kind. We do get romantic love between Eammon and Red, but we also get sisterly love between Red and Neve (which was beautifully explored), we also touch slightly again on the kind of love between Fife and Lyra. Love comes into play between more characters as well, and helps shape the puzzle that is shifting into place as the story progresses.

There are so many threads that run through this book, different plot elements of destroying the Kings, the prophecy of the Daughters, the Wilderwood and the Shadowlands, the love and relationships between the characters, the choices they all make, and the bargains struck. Everything perfectly weaves together to create a beautiful and compelling story.

Overall, For The Throne, by Hannah Whitten is a beautiful sequel and conclusion to For The Wolf. The magic, the world, the story, the characters, and the love and choices, made all tie perfectly together to create an excellent story.

*I received an eARC via Netgalley from Orbitbooks in exchange for an honest review – thank you!*



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