Book Review: She Gets The Girl, by Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4 Stars!

Synopsis: Alex is flirty, headstrong and confident but her relationship is in trouble. Molly is shy, controlled and awkward but wants to be with Cora. Molly and Alex are polar opposites but the two realise they can help the other get the girl

CW/TW: Alcoholism/Internalised Racism/Gaslighting/Drinking.

She Gets The Girl, by Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick is a cute and fun, sapphic college rom-com.

So I requested this from Netgalley but it was left on the dreaded pending shelf BUT it got added to my library so I borrowed it immediately! And I am SO glad I did.

She Gets The Girl is a well written rom-com that keeps you engaged from start to finish. The prose is easy to read, descriptive, witty and full of emotion I actually ended up binge reading this book because it was so easy to do so! I really loved the comedy, sarcasm and wit that came up through the dialogue – it was so much fun to read. The book utilises a dual pov with the story being told by the two main characters: Molly and Alex. The dual pov works really well for this particular book as it lets us learn about Molly and Alex individually but also their feelings towards each other (and other characters).

The actual plot is humorous and fun but also manages to deal with some important personal and realistic issues in a sensitive and real way. Alex is a flirty woman whose relationship with her girlfriend is a bit rocky, but she is determined and headstrong with her own difficulties in life specifically surrounding her mother. Molly is Alex’s opposite, withdrawn, controlled and shy but she has never branched out or socialised beyond that with her own mother. We follow both characters as they deal with becoming College Freshman, their personal lives and their love lives. The plot has two main elements: the character’s personal development and their plan to “get the girl”. I really loved the plot – the plans for Molly to get Cora and for Alex to prove herself to her girlfriend were incredibly fun and interesting. I loved the tension and sarcasm, the comical situations and clever steps that work for Molly rather than trying to change her.

However, I really loved how the two main characters started to grow closer and develop feelings for each other – I loved their dynamic and their relationship as it developed. But, more than anything, I like how the two characters pushed each other to be themselves and more confident in who they are. Alex helps Molly become more confident in herself and embrace who she is, Molly helps Alex to realise she deserves more and is able to be sensitive. The two develop really well over the course of the book, and I loved it when the two were together. I especially loved the practice Roller-skating date – it was so much fun to read, so cute and sweet with excellent chemistry. I also particularly loved the love of books expressed and the emotional and sensitive scenes that happened between them.

The authors manage to deal with some serious issues while keeping the book a light and cute read. The issues dealt with are done sensitively but slowly not coming to full conclusions but rather being more realistic in the way of showing the process of beginning to deal with these issues.

The characters were definitely some of the best parts of this book – rep includes: Lesbian mc’s, sapphic love interests (labels unspecified), and Molly is Korean-American. I really loved Molly and Alex, their characters were realistic, had strong individual voices and had flaws and strengths that made them easy to connect with and relate to. I particularly love how they develop over the course of the book and show their true selves and the ending was ADORABLE – you could really feel these characters getting to know each other and they showed this through their thoughts, actions and pov’s.

I honestly really loved this, it is cute, fluffy, funny, witty, full of sarcasm and wit, set in Uni, and deals with realistic issues sensitively while staying as a light and sweet read. I kind of really want this to become a cute, fun tv series because it would work SO well!

Overall, She Gets The Girl, by Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick is a fantastic read that is very fun, flirty and enjoyable, the humour us fantastic, the sarcasm is sharp and the chemistry is excellent.


  1. ahhhh i love this review so so much and agree with literally everything you said!! it was such a fun read while also tackling some heavy topics in THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE and the characters are AMAZING!! ALSO ALSO YESSS THE ROLLER COASTER DATE WAS PHENOMENAL!!!!! so glad you enjoyed the book so mcuh!!

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    • Thank you so much!! You’re so kind! Ahh, I’m glad you agree!!! Right?? It was such a nice balance and sensitive yet a fun read! THE DATE WAS INDEED THE BEST! SO AMAZING!! Thank you – so glad you enjoyed it too – thank you for such a kind comment!! 💜

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  2. Great review, Kat! I was kind of on the fence about reading this (not sure why) but this sounds like such a cute and fun read. I love when authors balance the more serious topics in a book well 💜 Will definitely be keeping this one on my radar!

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    • Thank you, Dini! Aha, I really enjoyed it – thought it was very fun and cute! Yes, the balance was done very well, imo 💜Yay! I hope you enjoy when/if you do read it!


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