Down-Memory-Lane December & December TBR

Heyhey BookNerds! It’s that Holiday time of year again where nostalgia seeps in and the cold nips at our skin. ❄☃

So, today I have a little update about the December blog plan! This year, instead of doing Blogmas because Uni work is currrently Neverending, I have decided that I will be posting once a week but also resharing some of my reviews and posts from this year of my top reads etc… on twitter! I may also do small weekly wrap-ups here on the blog for what I have reshared ✌.

A simple plan for December that I can hopefully keep up with! Now onto my TBR!

December TBR:

  • Continuing: The Liar’s Knot, by MA Carrick – Netgalley eARC
  • Daughter Of The Moon Goddess, by Sue Lynn Tan– Netgalley eARC
  • Only A Monster, by Vanessa Len – Netgalley eARC
  • Night of Demon and Saints, by Menna Van Praag – Netgalley eARC

I am really hoping to get through these this month, hopefully it will go to plan! But it is a busy time of year so we will see!

What’s your most anticipated read for this month? Are you doing blogmas? Let me know.

Happy Reading and Happy Holidays, BookNerds!💜📚✌


  1. Ugh there is nothing I relate to more than the neverending uni work…. (although I decided to be a masochist and start a new blog this month as well despite this… this is what happens when you procrastinate, apparently). So many of the books on your TBR this month look so amazing (as in they sound really interesting, but also LOOK AT THOSE COVERS!!!). I really look forward to reading your thoughts on them!

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