Book Review: The Quicksilver Court (Rooks and Ruin #2), by Melissa Caruso

“Nothing Must Unseal The Door”

This is the Gloamingard Lore, but the door has been opened and demons set free, and horror reigns far as the eye can see.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Synopsis: Ryx’s blood unsealed the door and freed a handful of the demons locked behind it. Now demons are back in the world, and the Graces are long gone. Tensions rise between nations, and the Rookery are tasked with finding a powerful artifact. But, as the Rookery well know, their missions are hardly as simple as they seem.

CW/TW: Murder, trauma, violence, death, blood, gore, manipulation.


Book Review: The Obsidian Tower (Rooks And Ruin #1), by Melissa Caruso

Oh how wonderful it was to be back in this world, I forgot just how much I love Ryx and the Rookery! The Quicksilver Court, by Melissa Caruso picks up a little after where book 1 ended. Ryx has been cast out of Morgrain and is with the Rookery, and Severin. The Demons, Hunger and Discord, are free and causing problems in the world, with Discord reigning over Morgrain and Hunger lurking in the dark in (traitor Aurelio’s body). However, if this wasn’t bad enough, this book introduces us to another problem – a powerful artifact is out in the world and the Rookery must find it before it puts Ryx’s home in danger. Caruso really raises the stakes in this sequel, and the poor Rookery are put through the wringer.

Caruso creates another action-packed, twisty story full of intrigue, tricky politics and dark secrets. While book 1 doesn’t shy away from a darker story, this book dives head first into all those dark secrets and stories hinted at in book 1. This definitely has a darker tone and atmosphere that pulls at the heartstrings and builds tension. Without becoming too spoilery, this book follows a few main elements, firstly, the overarching issue of the freed demons is explored more in this book – we see more of Discord and Hunger and their effect on the world. Through this part of the plot we learn more about the demons as Ryx tries to solve her failure of opening the door in the first place. The second element of the plot is the powerful artifact the Rookery have been tasked to retrieve. This leads to the Rookery arriving at a certain court where politics is everything and the Rookery must tread carefully. Thirdly, the Rookery is central to the story, I really liked how their dynamic was explored, especially with the addition of Ryx and Severin, but also without them.

I really enjoyed how this book progressed the story further from book 1, and I loved how each of the elements slowly came together to create a bigger picture. I loved the demon element of the plot, the political intrigue was fascinating, the idea around the artifact thrilling, and the battles the Rookery faces were well executed. This book is a bridge to book 3 but it has a lot packed into it and is important all on its own too. It was truly thrilling and fascinating watching how dark histories, secrets and promises came into play in this book – not only did it make the story dark, interesting and action-packed but it also added tension, evoked emotion and added so much depth to all characters in and associated with the Rookery. I truly adored how we got to see more of each member of the Rookery, and delved more into their own stories, it was heart-breaking and needed. Moreover, it allowed Ryx to see more of the Rookery, and her place in it which was quite interesting to watch play out.

Of course we also explore much more magic which was intriguing. We delve more into Ryx’s broken magic, the magic of the Demons and we even see more of Severin’s! This was an intensely magical read, where we see the true power behind a lot of the magical forces in the story.

While the plot is magical, action-packed, dark and heart-breaking, it is the characters that truly make the story shine. From the relationships and connections between them, to their own choices and abilities coming in to play throughout the story, it made the characters all the more real and made the stakes of the story much more impactful. We delve more into Foxglove’s secrets, Bastian’s trauma, Kessa’s loss, and Ashe’s rules – and we watch as each character is pushed to their limits. I adore the Rookery and this made me love them even more, I particularly felt strongly for Kessa, but my heart went out to them all. As per usual, I loved Ashe too! Her and Kessa’s dynamic and relationship is one of my favourites. I also loved how we explored more of our chaotic Ryx, I love her so much she is so smart and diplomatic but she honestly cannot avoid danger, but I really enjoyed watching her stick to her ways and try to figure out what to do. It was also incredibly fun to watch Severin and Ryx’s relationship progress, especially with Ryx’s terrible socialisation skills, and Severin’s own issues. Severin gets a lot more time in this story too which was brilliant, I love him aswell! He doesn’t exactly fit in with the Rookery and yet, we see him progress and develop in this book despite that.

You are in for a lot of surprises in this book! Get ready to have your heart torn out. I really enjoyed this sequel an I loved the dark overlooming plot and powers behind this story, it acted well as a sequel and sets up nicely for the next book.

Overall: This book was an intense, emotional, magical and action-packed read with a much darker tone than before and with much higher risks. We get lots more character development, secrets, promises and histories are revealed, and tension between nations are rising. With hidden powers behind twisty plots and the Rookery challenged more than before, a lot rests on Ryx. A truly brilliant read, an excellent sequel and a fantastic build up to the next book.

*I received a #Netgalley eARC from #Orbitbooks in exchange for an honest review – thank you!*


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