Book Review: Legacy Of Light (The Legacy Trilogy #3), by Matthew Ward

Peace has come for Tressia and the Hadari, but fragile is the peace built on sins and kept by crumbling Empires.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Synopsis: The Tressian Republic and Hadari Empire have finally reached peace. But greed, ambition and power has always promised war, and beneath the peace lie men who think their ambitions pure. Empress Melanna struggles to keep her crown in Tregard, Viktor struggles to find what was lost, with internal conflict brewing and dubious decisions made -this long awaited peace may come crumbling down around them both. War is coming, rising from past sins and losses, and only the light can keep it at bay.

CW/TW: War, emotional manipulation, torture, manipulation, violence, death, gore.

Legacy Of Light, by Matthew Ward is the epic and stunning conclusion to The Legacy Trilogy!

SPOILER WARNING: This review will contain spoilers for book 1 and 2 in the trilogy!!

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Legacy Of Light, by Matthew Ward is an epic and powerful conclusion to this trilogy. Viktor Akadra has become Viktor Droshna, an ode to his Dark, and is The Lord Protector of Tressia. Melanna Saranal is Empress, and fights hard to change the traditions of the Hadari, while honouring the agreement made in the God’s last bargain. In this book, some years have passed and we see the changes in the characters both physically but more importantly in their development, as well as newly formed families and alliances. The consequences of the prior war are prevalent but so is the fragility of the peace that it ended with.

Since this is the third and final book in the trilogy my review will be shorter as not to spoil anything but this book follows two main elements, Melanna’s struggle to keep her throne, and Viktor’s motivations to restore what he has lost. But as we all know by now Ward manages to draw together lots of smaller threads to create and incredible tale. Through his intricate storytelling we get more characters drawn into the spotlight in this book, from Altiris, to Sidara, to Constans and more – all characters we know and love have been brought to the front of the story and it was fantastic to see them centred while still managing to capture our beloved characters of Josiri, Anastacia, Rosa, Melanna and more. Despite the large cast, Ward never fails to give us some top class development for them all and shows how they have progressed from book1+2 to now.

I absolutely adored the story told in this book, it works incredibly well as a conclusion while also shedding light on how the Empire and Republic have and are changing. The most impressive part has to be each of the characters own changes, with surprising and strong developments from them all. The other thing I really loved about this book was that it felt, in some ways, that the story had come full circle from book one. This book truly takes everything we have seen and learnt from books 1 and 2 and weaves them all into this novel, from past sins and promises to secrets and bargains. However, we get all of this without losing any charm or originality – loose ends are tied up, but some endings are left open – there is promise and hope intwined with despair.

Not only that but the plot itself is more than a simple conclusion, it is a story of power, ambition, and family. Actually, the family element of this trilogy has always been a strong point, and I loved how it became even stronger in this book with bonds of blood and bonds of choice playing out wonderfully (I love found family after all). The plot really tugs at you in this book taking characters we have grown to love and putting them on paths we feel deeply about. Ward doesn’t shy away from risks and consequences in this book at all, sins and promises come back around and debts are paid in full . Everything we thought was good or bad is challenged, character’s actions are questionable, and we see the true cost of power.

A big part of this story is Sidara and her power of light, we see her learning more about it and trying to protect the Republic. It was fantastic to finally see her power in full use, a brilliant contrast to Viktor’s Dark. This particular duality played out incredibly well over the course of the story. I also loved that we see much more of Altiris, his new position with Josiri, and his own abilties and stubborn heart come into play. It’s so hard to discuss this without spoiling but it was so brilliant to see all of these younger characters grow into who they are and play pivital roles in this new era. However, this doesn’t mean older charcaters are forgotten and we get Josiri and Viktor’s brotherhood play out – in tension, angst and loyalty, the emotions between these two is truly remarkable and makes this story all the more emotional.

Equally Melanna’s own story in Tregard is just as promising, with her Empire suffering from internal conflict and with a certain someone watching from the woods, Melanna has more than her fair share of trouble to deal with. Add to that the conflict between her Empire and Tressia, it is truly a powerhouse conclusion. Within Melanna’s story we get to see more of other beloved characters such as Apara – which was really nicely incorporated. I really appreciated Melanna’s story in this book, her hard won throne, desires for peace, and abandonment from Ashana due to the God’s promises of letting mortals alone – she is a standout character.

Though the Gods/Goddesses are no longer allowed to interfere in mortal wars that didn’t stop their presence in the book from being just as amusing and intriguing as always with many making a return, as well as other magical characters debuting or returning. After all, deals can stll be struck and Gods/Goddesses do not forgive and forget easily. I absolutely adore this element in the books and love how it played out in this one.

The endings for all the characters in this book were truly fitting, emotional and clever. Overall, this was an explosive final installment that captured the uniquesness and magic of the first two books and weaved a powerful ending in this one. Truly clever, intricate and remarkable storytelling.

*I received an eARC via #Netgalley in exchange for an honest review! Thankyou #Orbitbooks!*


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