The Mid-Year Book Check-In Tag

So this tag is actually called The Mid-Year Freak Out Tag 2021, but many bloggers have raised the issue that the term is ableist. So in an attempt to combat this I’ve re-titled the tag for my blog as The Mid Year Book Check In Tag (I believe this adjustment was recommended by another blogger on twitter!).

So I was tagged by the lovely Stephen @ StephenWrites! Be sure to check out his blog, he always has such fantastic posts and reviews that are always incredibly interesting and insightful!

How much have you read?

This year so far I have managed to read 65 books! My initial goal was 50 but now I have increased it to 75!

What have you been reading?

I have mainly been reading fantasy (surprise surprise 😂✨), though I also have read some noir, thrillers, non-fiction and general fiction – I have slowly been attempting to diversify the genres I read. All the genres I have read have been fantastic!

Best Book You’ve Read So Far In 2021

This was such a hard decision because I have had MANY favourite reads this year! However, one of my top favourites has to be Book Review: The Jasmine Throne (Burning Kingdoms #1), by Tasha Suri. This book is absolutely gorgeous and has some incredible women at its centre. From the world, to the magic, to the characters this book is truly stunning.

Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2021

Another hard question because I have had a lot of great sequel reads this year but my top two so far have both been finales in trilogies! Firstly Book Review: The Wild Court (The Coming of Aed #3), by EG Radcliff – an action-packed, fae filled magical conclusion to an emotional and powerful story.

Secondly is Book Review: The Dragon Of Jin-Sayeng, (Chronicles Of The Bitch-Queen) by KS Villoso – this was an absolutely fantastic finale to this epic trilogy. We get personal journeys, action, betrayal and dragons! A truly amazing ending to a fantastic, gritty and complex story.

New release you haven’t read yet, but want to  

Aha SO MANY. But one I really want to get to eventually is The Wolf and the Woodsman, by Ava Reid. This book really does sound brilliant and I keep seeing a lot about it so it is definitely on my radar!

Most anticipated release for the second part of the year

I have a lot of anticipated releases but my top ones have to be We Cry For Blood, by Devin Madson, The Liars Knot, by MA Carrick, and The Bone Ships Wake, by RJ Barker (the cover isn’t on GR yet so I put book 2 here instead). All of these are in series I have loved so far!

Biggest disappointment

Mini Book Review: The Betrayals, by Bridget Collins was, to me, a bit of a disappointment – I just didn’t love this as much as I wanted or thought I would.

Biggest surprise

I’ve put this here, not because I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it, but because it went beyond my expectations. I have never really focused on Military Fantasy, and yet this one grabbed me and didn’t let go! Book Review: The Unbroken (Magic Of The Lost #1), by C.L. Clark is a fantastic look at individuality, colonisation and belonging.

New favourite author (debut or new to you)

Shelley Parker-Chan is a new author who absolutely blew me away with this book. Book Review: She Who Became The Sun (The Radiant Emperor #1), by Shelley Parker-Chan is a brilliant book with angst, excellent characters and a fascinating story.

Underrated gems you’ve discovered recently

I already used this for the sequel question but EG Radcliff’s Coming of Aed series is definitely a hidden gem that more readers need to pick up! Book 1: Book Review: The Hidden King (The Coming Of Aed #1), by E.G Radcliff

Rereads this year

This year I re-read The Hobbit and LotR!

Newest fictional crush

Ahaha, all of them! I don’t really have a specific new fictional crush right now – though many characters from my recent reads have been fantastic and I do love them and my heart belongs to them all! 😂💜

Newest favourite character

Ooh the MCs from the Golden Sapphic Trifecta, Fatma – from A Master of Djinn, P Djeli Clark – and Eamon from For the Wolf.

Book that made you cry

I don’t think I have read a book this year that actually made me cry! Though History is All You Left Me, and They Both Die At The End, by Adam Silvera, got me pretty close!

Book that made you happy

So for this I decided to use A Master Of Djinn, by P Djeli Clark because it is such a fantastic fantasy that is rich, amusing and clever! It made me happy because the characters personalities were so strong and their witty comments were entertaining.

Favourite book to film adaptation

This is difficult because I love adaptations but my brain launches into (That wasn’t in the book, where is this from the book!) I did enjoy the recent Shadow and Bone adaptations, which intentionally put a spin on the series and included the Crows! It wasn’t perfect and I had some issues with some of it but story wise I did like the adaptation.

Series Book & TV ShowReview: The Grisha Trilogy/Shadow and Bone, by Leigh Bardugo

Most beautiful cover you’ve bought (or received) this year

So this was actually an eARC so I don’t yet own a physical copy but I do have a particular love for this cover which definitely gives me dark fairytale vibes and I love the use of colour.

Book Review: For The Wolf (Wilderwood #1), by Hannah Whitten

Favourite posts you have done this year?

I Tag

Happy Reading, BookNerds!😊💜📚


  1. Thank you for the tag! I am actually going to do this today or tomorrow as it will be a great way to start getting content other than book reviews back on my blog. I’ve not done one in ages! Really loved your answers! x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great answers, Kat! 💜 You’ve read some great books this year! I can see what you mean about The Betrayals, that one was very abstract and will certainly divide opinion. Thank you so much as well for the kind words 🥰

    The explanation about the name of this tag is very helpful. I’ll change the name of my post accordingly and will call it the Mid-Year check-in in future years ✨

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Stephen! 💜 yes The Betrayals is definitely one of those books that will have readers divided! You’re welcome, all very deserved!
      That’s wonderful! After seeing the discourse around it I could see why the name could do with changing – I’m glad you found it helpful. Hopefully changing it will catch on 🤞💜

      Liked by 1 person

  3. i loved reading your answers for this tag, kat! i also used the original name, but i’ll change it now to the check in, because i see how it could be harmful!

    i love the for the wolf, too! omg it’s SO gorgeous! she who became the sun also sounds like perfection, so i’m glad you enjoyed that too! lovely post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Ahaana! 💜 That’s great!! 🥰 Ahhh yesss, For The Wolf was so so gorgeous! She Who Became The Sun is absolutely fantastic – I highly recommend! Thank you so much, hun! You’re so kind 🥰💜💜

      Liked by 1 person

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