Mini Book Review & Social Media Blast: The Beautiful Ones, by SIlvia Moreno-Garcia

A Beautiful Story | eARC Netgalley | Publisher: Quercus/Jo Fletcher | Publishing: 27th April 2021 | Pages: 320

The Beautiful Ones, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a beautifully written romance/novel of manners with a touch of magic.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Synopsis: Antonina ‘Nina’ Beaulieu debut has begun and she has the chance to join the ranks of the Beautiful Ones, the most notable of socialites, due to her cousin’s high rank. But Nina cannot control her ‘talent’, her telekinetic abilities leaves her alienated. However, the arrival of Hector Auvray changes everything – he uses his talent to perform and he sees Nina’s potential. But Hector has his own motives for visiting Loisail, ones that may threaten Nina’s romantic fairytale.

CW/TW: Guns/Gun violence/Arranged marriage/Emotional manipulation.

Before I dive in a big thank you to @QuercusBooks @JoFletcherBooks @ellakroftpatel for a spot on the tour for this beautiful book!

The Beautiful Ones, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a beautifully written novel of manners with a hint of magic and world of drama. Moreno-Garcia continues to impress with her skills covering a broad range of genres. I was introduced to Silvia Moreno-Garcia with her gorgeously creepy gothic book Mexican Gothic and I loved it so I knew I had to read her newest book. While The Beautiful Ones is equally as gorgeous as Mexican Gothic it is important to note it is also completely different and focuses on an entirely different genre so as readers prepare for a completely different book.

The Beautiful Ones is as beautiful as the title and cover suggests, reminiscent of Austen or Bronte in plot and prose and yet unique and distinct. Moreno-Garcia’s prose is as gorgeous as her previous books, rich and vivid – she paints a vibrant and lively image of each and every setting from the naturalistic to the city. The rich descriptions help bring the setting and characters to life but the prose still maintains a beautiful simplicity making it an easy but compelling read that you end up racing through.

The story is primarily told from the perspectives of Nina and Hector , with some insight into Valerie’s view on things. The multiple pov narrative structure works perfectly with the plot and prose helping to balance the pace of the story and slowly build tension and drama throughout. Each narrative perspective is strong and has a unique voice, they are easy to distinguish between and work well to balance with each other. The multiple pov works particularly well with this book and the plot which is focused around society and romance, it allows drama to be created perfectly through dramatic irony, tension and mysteries working on multiple levels. The most interesting thing is that we, as the reader, are aware of a lot of (though not all) the deceptions throughout the novel due to the multiple pov, while the other characters are not, and yet we still feel tension and suspense throughout because of the connection that’s been built with the characters. This was done particularly well and I loved how masterfully Moreno-Garcia utilised our frame of knowledge to create the powerful irony throughout, maintaining the drama and tension while letting us in on the truth and reveals is the true mark of a fantastic writer and it was very successful in this book.

I loved all the perspectives in this book – they were all captivating for their own unique reasons and the character motivations made them engaging from start to finish. I did enjoy Nina’s particularly as she knows the least of all the characters making her chapters all the more heart-wrenching and tense. Hector’s chapters were intriguing due to his character being more morally grey than Nina and Valerie, and Valerie’s were interesting due to her cold and careful approach to other characters, her mind was fascinating though.

The actual plot of the book was thrilling and engaging, full of high society drama and messy romances. We start off with Hector arriving in Loisail in search for Valerie, a past love. In his search he meets Nina, relative to Valerie through marriage. Upon meeting Nina, Hector sees a way to Valerie – despite not being able to be with her. Hector is also a man of ‘talent’, he has telekinetic powers allowing him to move objects with his mind, Hector is a performer utilising this talent. Hector’s story was interesting to watch play out, playing on different types of love from obsessive/toxic to an arguably more pure love. his story is messy and complex and written well – Hector’s story makes him slowly grow on you.

Nina’s story starts off idyllic, she is young and new to the season having been presented for the first time. Upon meeting Hector she believes she has entered into a fairytale story of love forever after. But, Nina has her own problems, not quite fitting in with The Beautiful Ones who make up the high society due to her country looks and her own telekinetic talent. Nina’s story was engaging due to her naivety, making it easy to accept her poor decisions, but also due to her strong character. Despite being a bit easily lead romantically, Nina is wholly and truly true to herself and her story shows this time and time again and I loved watching her grow over the book – I also particularly loved her hobby/interest, a unique thing that was written beautifully and was romanticized in a delightful way. I enjoyed her development (apart from one decision she made late in the book) but overall I enjoyed the drama, pressure and tension that play out in her narrative.

Valerie has some chapters in the book that build up her own part in the story. I did not like Valerie, but I did like her chapters. Valerie’s story is a bit more subtly complex than Hector and Nina’s as she is much more manipulative and puts things into motion. Her demure facade and wicked sharp mind made her story very compelling and interesting to read about.

Overall, however, the story focuses on Hector and Nina and their relationship. The book is more or less slow burn with a lot of drama throughout, and it as delightful to read about. I would have preferred some more magic which was present throughout but more of a background element to the story – the book is very light on the fantasy elements it is, much more purely, romance/novel of manners. However, I loved the messy complex relationships present throughout the book and the drama filled plot.

The cast of characters is pretty decent though mainly focused on Nina and Hector. All the characters are well developed and individual with their own strengths and weaknesses making them come across as very real and human. Nina is sweet but stubborn and naive, she is still young though so her mistakes are ones we can understand as a reader. I loved her strong personality, unique interests and passion – she is easy to connect with because she is so human and true to herself. Hector took me a long time to warm up to, and by the end of the book I wasn’t 100% sure I truly liked him, but his character was incredibly interesting. Smart and hardworking, Hector is quite admirable, and yet he is perfect either. He makes decisions which are selfish and even cruel but he does go through a good and well developed arc making him more likable and intriguing as he comes to terms with the truth of his life and love. There are a lot of side characters that you will love, love then hate or dislike straight way, which was fantastic – they were all written well and were built up well.

Overall, this was a gorgeously written book that dives into high society, love and the rules surrounding it. Filled with drama, twists and turns and a hint of magic, the book will keep you captivated from start to finish.

*I received an eARC form #Netgalley @QuercsBooks @JoFletcherBooks @ellakroftpatel in exchange for an honest review, and thank you for the spot in the Social Media Blast!*



  1. Wow, a very long mini review! But a brilliant one too Kat, I loved reading it 🤗💜 Somehow I still haven’t read anything by this author but I promise I will soon. The characters here seem so fascinating and the story original ✨

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    • I intended a mini review but it seemed to run away from me! 😂 Awwh, thank you, Stephen 💜🥰. Ahhh yes you definintely need to! I have her fantasy book on the tbr still, but I definitely recommend picking up any of her works. 💜 Yes, it was a very interesting take on the romance/novel of manners genre! 💜✨

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