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Heyhey, BookNerds! You all probably know by now that I’m terrible with keeping up to date with my booktags but the fabulous Danni @ ForBooksSake tagged me in this resolutions one and it seemed like a lot of fun so I hopped on it asap! Be sure to check out Danni’s blog, trust me its awesome and Danni is such a fantastic and sweet blogger. So let’s dive into the tag!

1. Exercise more – Name a book that has made you want to jump out of your seat (for any reason)

I don’t really jump out of my seat with books, for any reason- I’m more of a ‘direct the feelings inwards’ type of reader. But the creepy twists and turns of Mexican Gothic, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia is definitely disturbing with an excellent creepy atmosphere and is one that might have you leaping out of your seat!

2. Get Organised – A book with an exceptional plot

The Reborn Empire series so far definitely fits the bill! We Ride The Storm and We Lie With Death, by Devin Madson both tell an epic story that is intricate and epic. With so many different elements working independently and slowly coming together, the plot is definitely exceptional.

3. Learn a New Skill – A book which taught you something

I suppose I would say The Lucifer Effect, by Philip Zimbardo. This book definitely teaches you a new perspective on the good/evil dichotomy we believe exists by drawing your attention to situational explanations of behaviour.

4. Live Life To The Fullest – A book which inspired you

I believe most books inspire you even if it is only a little bit but i’ll go with Pride And Prejudice, by Jane Austen since it is one of the first classics I chose to read and adored which inspired me to read more. Not to mention the themes of the book which inspired and helped shaped my own views. I also try to make an effort to read books that will inspire me to be more open-minded so a lot of books fit this one!

5. Save More Money/Spend Less Money – the most expensive book you’ve bought and was it worth it? 

I don’t buy books very often, I refer to borrow from my library and when I do buy them it is usually on my kindle since it’s cheaper so I have no clue as to which actual book cost me the most. However, The hardback of The Starless Sea, by Erin Morgenstern is one of the more expensive books on my shelf (though bought for me as a gift) but it is totally worth it!

6. Spend More Time With Family and Friends – a character you would want to be best mates with

Well if I were a few years younger I would say the Six Of Crows gang because I do love their conversations and jokes.

I would also love to be friends with the Inner Circle of The Night Court from the ACOTAR series because I love them.

7. Travel More – a book with a location you’d love to visit

I would love to visit the Night Court/Velaris from ACOMAF, especially on Starfall because it sounds beautiful.

I would also love to visit The Night Circus – the magic, the mystery, the beauty of the Circus that arrives without warning – it would be magical.

8. Read More – a book you are desperate to read this year

I have heard a lot about The Devil And The Dar Water, by Stuart Thurton and it is a book I would definitely love to get to read this year! I have a lot of 2021 releases I want to get my hands on but I’m going with this instead because I didn’t read it last year and it sounds phenomenal.

I’m Tagging:

  • You! I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this tag 😊

Happy Reading, BookNerds!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ“š


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