Continuing Book Series I Am Looking Forward To In 2021.

HeyHey BookNerds! There are a lot of ongoing series that I am loving so far, and many have the next or final installment dropping later this year. So I thought I might as well show you the titles I am looking forward to!

Chronicles of the Bitch Queen, by KS Villoso. This series kicked off with The Wolf Of Oren-Yaro and continued with The Ikessar Falcon. I am impatiently waiting for book 3 to drop! The cover has yet to be revealed but the way book 2 ended has me excited for the next installment. This story so far has been amazing, filled with betrayal, violence and deadly plots – not to mention our incredibly protagonist who will do anything to protect her son.

The Burning series, by Evan Winter. This series made an explosive entrance with The Rage Of Dragons and it only got more action packed in The Fires Of Vengeance. A revenge driven, African inspired adventure, filled with demons, magic and threats from every side. This is an unmissable series and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

The Legacy Trilogy, by Matther Ward. This is an epic series in all senses of the word. This story hit with the chunky Legacy Of Ash and the monstrous Legacy Of Steel. This series is phenomenal in scope, has rich history, manipulative Gods and deadly magic. If this wasn’t enough we have wars, deadly political webs, and an evil criminal underworld. This is a chunky trilogy that will keep you gripped and I can only imagine where book 3 will take us!

The Drowning Empire, by Andrea Stewart. This brilliant series started with The Bone Shard Daughter and introduced us to a brilliant world with unique gritty magic and a fragile empire built on some very hideous secrets. This series so far has given us bone magic, talking seacat/otter companions, bone constructs and an Empire that is ready to fall. I have high hopes for book 2 and am bursting with excitement to see more of this world.

The Reborn Empire, by Devin Madson. This gritty and brutal adventure began with We Ride The Storm and continued in We Lie With Death. This story is epic, with multiple pov’s used to give us insight into all sides of the war, a look at some creepy and deadly magic, and an in-depth look at these brilliant characters. This violent and bloody story of war, assassins and betrayal is rich and fascinating and with how book 2 ended I am on the edge of my seat waiting for book 3.

The Tide Child series, by RJ Barker. This phenomenal seafaring adventure took the plunge with The Bone Ships and continued in Call Of The Bone Ships. Barker does not hold back with this series- it is as chaotic as the sea itself with sea dragons, ships made of bone, a crew of the dead and magical birdlike creatures. Book 2 whips this adventure into a whirlpool of deadly risks and puts the characters through the shredder. With a questionable fate for Meas and the crew established at the end of book 2, I can only imagine the tsunami of chaos book 3 will bring.

Rooks And Ruin, by Melissa Caruso. Starting with The Obsidian Tower, this series makes a fascinating start to a magical series. A door that shouldn’t be opened, magic that kills with a touch and characters with unclear loyalties, this series promises lots of tricky plots and magical battles. Book 1 ends with a lot of questions floating about, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for book 2!

The Shadow Histories, by HG Parry. This Historical Fantasy is set during the French Revolution and we start with A Declaration Of The Rights Of Magicians. The French are fighting for freedom, for freedom of their magic. The British are in the middle of a political battle to abolish slavery. And across the sea, those enslaved are fighting back, but something else lingers on the islands, something dark and deadly. This is a rich book filled with magic, politics and battles and it leaves us wanting more.

So, you may have notice my list has a bias for Orbit titles… but I mean they have so many fantastic SFF titles being released that I cannot be to blame. I have loved each and every one of these series so far and cannot wait to dive into their next installments!

What Series Are You Looking Forward To This Year? Let Me Know!

Happy Reading, BookNerds!πŸ’œπŸ˜ŠπŸ“š


  1. I haven’t read any of these but I do have The Bone Shard Daughter, The Bone Ships and The Wolf of Oren-Yaro on my TBR and I’ve heard so many fantastic things about all three! I hope you enjoy all of these continuations, Kat 😍

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  2. Oh my goodness, what an incredible list of books. I absolutely have to read every single book on your list, I can’t believe I’ve not started any of these yet argh!! Happy reading hun! ❀️

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