Series I Want To Continue In 2021!

Hey Hey BookNerds! So this year I plan to continue (and hopefully complete) some popular, well loved and established series that I started last year. Of course, I am still planning to continue some ongoing series, but for today I’m focusing on completed ones. I am terrible when it comes to book series, I either binge read the whole thing or read the first book and take a break … for months on end. In order to tidy up my tbr I have therefore decided to actually get on with these brilliant series!

First up is VE Schwabs ADSOM series. I read and enjoyed book 1, A Darker Shade Of Magic, but then didn’t continue with the series because I got distracted by all the other books on my tbr πŸ˜…. However, I do own a physical copy of book 2 and book 3 so I have no excuse not to get on with it. It is definitely a fun series so far and I look forward to seeing the direction it takes.

Crooked Kingdom, by Leigh Bardugo. So I recently finished SoC, review pending, and I LOVED it. Honestly, I should have read this ages ago, but I am glad I finally started this duology. Now I plan to read book 2 to complete the duology because it is a fantastic story and this one sounds even better than book 1!

The Wicked King, by Holly Black. I read The Cruel Prince last year and it delighted my fae loving heart but I never got around to continuing the story. I fully intend to this year though, because I really did enjoy book 1 and, from what I have heard, the Folk Of The Air series gets even better!

The Dragon Republic, by RF Kuang. I finished The Poppy War recently and loved it as much as everyone said I would. It was a brilliant and brutal read that promised explosive things in the next book so I obviously plan to finish the series as soon as possible!

Empire Of Storms, by Sarah J Maas. The Throne Of Glass series was one I was binge reading, but because I was borrowing from my library I ended up hitting a wall, that is other people had already borrowed it and put holds on the title. I placed my own hold because I will finish this series, I hate my binge reading being interrupted and I was really enjoying this series!

The Well Of Ascension, by Brandon Sanderson. I read book 1, The Final Empire, last year and could definitely see what all the rage was about. I received book 2 for christmas so I plan to continue this series, though it will be slow going but I love the world and the magic.

So I have a lot of well loved series to get into this year, and I look forward to continuing each and every one of them!

What series do you plan on continuing this year? Let me know!

Happy Reading, BookNerds! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ“š


  1. There are some really great series here! ADSOM is one I would really like to read myself. The Folk of the Air series is absolutely amazing… it just keeps getting better in my opinion and the Queen of Nothing is the best of the bunch. I also need to read Crooked Kingdom but I wasn’t all that keen on Six of Crows to be honest. I listened to the audiobook though and I am wondering if I should read it before moving on, just in case I maybe missed or misunderstood something. ToG it just goes without saying is amazing! I was so sad when I finished that series knowing there would be no more!

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    • Thankyou! ADSOM is definitely unique in terms of the magic, very interesting so far. Ooh It is rare to have a series where the latest book is the best, I look forward to it! I loved Six of Crows, mainly because I love slow character building and I liked the heist, I have heard the second book is better though so might be worth it for that. Honestly I have read books 1-4 of ToG so far and LOVED it but had to wait ages for book 5 to be available in the library, I cannot wait to continue it!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  2. I’m the same – either binge read a series or read the first book and take forever to continue the series! I’m working on a blog post for later this week and was thinking about books I want to buy this year and there’s a lot of series I need to continue!

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  3. I’m so bad at starting new series and then reading other stuff. You need to read A Gathering of Shadows ASAP! It’s incredible! I think it’s my favourite but its hard to tell as I view AGOS and ACOL as one giant book, haha.

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  4. I actually just wrote a post about this last Friday, haha. I’m the same though. I’m terrible at finishing series. And it’s sad, because there are like 8 series I only have one more book to read before completing πŸ™ˆ

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