December and 2020 Yearly Wrap-Up

Hello Hello my lovely BookNerds! It is that time of year again where the days grow colder and the nights darker and longer. This year has been, undoubtedly, one of the hardest we have ever faced so I’m sending good, positive vibes to you all, you have all done so well in the midst of such disaster!

So while the world has turned chaotic I, like many of you, escaped into some fantastic fictional worlds. This year has been absolutely filled with brilliant books that I could gush about from dawn till dusk!

I was super busy blogging at the start of the year, however, from September my activity slowed and halted courtesy of my starting University (albeit online)! I love Uni and my Psychology course dearly, but it did make me leave my blogging a little absent, but I am back for now and ready to tell you about all of this years AMAZING reads!

So this year I read a decent amount (not as much as I could have but enough that I am happy) and I managed to read a variety of genres…. though fantasy was heavily dominant overall… but what can I say I’m a fantasy nerd! I had a few blogtours, all brilliant with several arranged by the amazing Dave @ TheWriteReads (Absolute gem!), and lots of bookish posts so let’s dive into my 2020!

December! What I Have Read!

So the last few days of December will be spent catching up on eARC reads that I have fallen behind on but other than that I have used this month to chill out a little and wind down after being super busy with assignments. And what is better than some Fae filled books to wind down with?? So in December I read the ACOTAR (A Court Of Thornes And Roses) series and am halfway through the TOG (Throne Of Glass) series by Sarah J Maas

2020! What I Have Read!

Book Reviews!

Bookclub Read!

The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – So, being the booklover I am, after joining Uni and dealing with the academic side, I hunted down the societies and immediately joined the bookclub! I am SO GLAD because our first read was this one and I LOVED IT. I haven’t written a full out review but I did rate it 5 stars! THUG is a brilliant and heart-breaking book, that is incredibly important and definitely one I would recommend to everyone!

Bookish Posts!


  • #BlogTour #Review: HighFire, by Eoin Colfer. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟(4.5 Stars) – Kicking off the month I had this tour thankd to Jo Fletcher Books! A hilarious start to the year, this book was incredibly comical and witty, with a dangerous twist!


A VERY BIG THANKYOU to ORbit (Nazia) for the BEAUTIFUL physical ARC’s I have received this year I am so grateful to have been able to receive and review these titles.

Titles include: A Declaration Of The Rights Of Magicians, by HG Parry; We Ride The Storm, by Devin Madson; The Bone Shard Daughter, by Andrea Stewart; The Obsidian Tower, by Melissa Caruso; The Once And Future Witches, by Alix E Harrow; and We Lie With Death, by Devin Madson.

Author Interview!

Author Interview with Claire Wade, The Choice! Have you read this book and wanted to know more? Then have a look at the delightful answers Claire Wade ever so kindly provided!

If you haven’t yet read this brilliant book and need convincing to do so then check out my review and see if it tips the scales! (Review for book here: The Choice, by Claire Wade.)


So I was INCREDIBLY lucky to be a panellist for the FIRST EVER BBNYA (Book bloggers novel of the year award) and it was an honour to be a part of such a fantastic competition. A MASSIVE shoutout to the BBNYA team (Especially Dave @TheWriteReads, @readtoramble @beckyc_89 @servillasspeaks @theartsyreader1 @jenniely and everyone else who worked hard to make this a success) and to @foliosociety who were generous supporters of the contest! Being a panellist was SO much fun and I found so many great reads and fantastic new authors that I hope you all love!

To see who the finalists of the competition were and who won head on over to the BBNYA website: Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Award – Finalists ( – be prepared to add many a brilliant book to your neverending tbr’s!


So I have now had my little blog for just over a year… I think…. and it has been a delightful journey! I have ‘met’ so many fantastic bloggers this past year and a bit and have been so grateful for them, you have all been so sweet and fantastic!

Over the short time I have had my blog I have hit the 400 followers mark, now sitting at around 412, i think, which I am thrilled about! I never thought I would find so many blogs to connect with let alone have follow me!

Not only that but 2000 of you also now follow me on twitter, which just blows my mind! because you are all so fantastic and I can’t believe that many of you follow little ol’ me! Thank you so much for getting me to 2000 this December, truly appreciate all your support!

Aside from follower counts, I set my GR goal to 50 books this year, a moderate amount because I knew uni would take up a lot of time. So did I do it, that is the question??

I DID! I have read 58 books this year! 🥳

Like 90% of my reads were fantasy but I did read some romance, like I intended, and other genres that were Gothic/Horror, literary, dystopian etc… so I’m quite happy with that too!


How could I do a yearly wrap up without inluding links to the delightfully freindly bloggers I have alluded to in my post? I can’t! So, as a treat to you all, below are links to some of those fantastic bloggers that have been incredibly sweet, friendly and just overall amazing in the community! (Not to mention they have brilliant blog posts too!) Sorry if I missed you, I love you all!!!

2021 Plans!

Hahaha so we all know I don’t actually stick to my plans…. BUT I WILL MAKE THEM ANYWAY!

In 2021 I have a few reads that are a must, mostly sequels to books I have already read (lots of sequels for new series!) My plans consist of what I got for Christmas –> Christmas Book Haul 2020 but not much else is set right now. However, my plans also consist of reading the books I didn’t get around to this year (Christmas Book Haul 2019 + 2020 TBR Which was a fair few because I’m chaotic…) .

I have a massive library wishlist to work through next year aswell, and a list of light psychology books to read (recommended by my lovely lecturers) which all sound very interesting!

But as you can see I have no set plan, I have January mostly free but then I am back to Uni so I will be reading inbetween work and assignments! I’ll likely set my GR goal to 50 again which is decent for when I am busy at least! Hopefully i’ll be able to have a better schedule to fit more blogging time in next year alongside uni 😁.

But that is the extent of my plans so far!

This year has been hard, the holiday season more so, but I wish you all a good 2021 – hopefully it will be better!

I hope your 2021 is FULL of more AMAZING READS! Happy Reading/Happy New Year, BookNerds!😊💜📚


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