End Of Year #BookTag

Hello my lovely BookNerds!! I’m back for now *gasp* A shock I know! I have been away too long and left my blog to gather dust and cobwebs, BUT NO LONGER! As many of you know I started University in September and, as much as I love it, it has been BUSY and I haven’t had much time to blog. I am now on a big holiday break though so I am back and ready to BLOG!

So My reading has been a little behind courtesy of education and so December and January are going to be used to catch up on the ARCS I have yet to review!

But, as a sidenote I did manage to actually read A Court Of Thorns And Roses series (not A Court of Silver Flame yet though), and I started A Throne Of Glass Series by Sarah J Maas. Two incredibly popular Fae series that have been recommended to me time and time again. And while they are not perfect as I was warned (there is more diversity than I expected), I actually ADORE both of these series and think they deserve the credit they get (Because Bada** females and realistic trauma/healing is a fantasy MUST), as the fae lover I am I am ashamed that I did not read these sooner! I read these as a way of relaxing so I won’t review each book but may drop a overall mini series review to get the feels across.

Hmm, other than that I got a year older since I have been away!

This year has been chaotic and difficult for us all but luckily we have been blessed with fantastic books from our lovely authors (new and old) and have had some great ARC’s courtesy of those brilliant publishers!

Sending good vibes to everyone over the Christmas/Holiday period you all are so amazing!

Soo onto the tag and main reason for the post! The absolutely amazing Ellie @READ TO RAMBLE tagged me in this #booktag and it seems like a lot of fun (Check out Ellie’s blog it is absolutely brilliant and Ellie is an actual sweetheart!)

On to the questions!


YES, oof! So I did start my Netgalley eARC of The Fires Of Vengeance, by Evan Winter, but like the disgrace of a bookblogger I am I have yet to continue it! BUT I WILL BECAUSE BOOK 1 WAS AMAZING: Book Review: The Rage Of Dragons (The Burning #1), by Evan Winter.

Queen Of Shadows, by Sarah J Maas is the second book I have yet to finish that I have actually started. I have been reading this series without reviewing intention (but will do a series review…maybe) and have been enjoying it! So this book is next up and I have only just started it so need to get a move on.


Off the top of my head I cannot think of a book I am waiting to drop before the end of the year… I still have some November ones to read and review thoughπŸ˜… – let me know if there are any titlees I should have on my radar in the comments?? I’m sure I am missing many a potential gem!


the disgraceful bookblogger emerges again…. These three titles are off of my Netgalley eARC shelf and are ones I WILL finish by the end of the year no matter the cost!

Legacy Of Steel, by Matthew Ward is book 2 in this series and I AM THRILLED to have the chance to read and review it because I cannot tell you how epic book 1 was (Book Review: Legacy Of Ash (Legacy Trilogy #1), by Matthew Ward.).

Call Of The Boneships, by RJ Barker is another sequel which I am EXCITED to read because, again, book 1 WAS BRILLIANT, I mean we have dragons, we have ships made of bone, we have sassy Captains … what more do you want?? (Book Review: The Bone Ships, by RJ Barker)

ThreadNeedle, by Cari Thomas, so I actually received a widget for this bautiful book and it sounded enchanting and intriguing so I had to accept the request and review it because I have no self control… This beautiful title is one I really do want to finish before the year ends though!


I think any of my tbr for the rest of this month could potentially take the title of favourite book of the year! I always struggle to choose a favourte book of the year (I struggle to make a top 10 because I love them all so much….) SO ANY of the books I have yet to read could rocket to the top of my yearly favourite list.


Maybe… I think I have a break from Uni work over January so I have some general psychology reads planned including The Lucifer Effect, by Philip Zimbardo; Quiet: The Power Of Introverts…. by Susan Cain; and Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnemann. Other than that I have no specific plans, maybe any ARC’s I don’t finish this month, and I have a few I want to request for next year but the rest of my tbr might rely on any christmas gifts I get/any owned books I still need to read! (And then there is the matter of my looonng library wishlist…)

I also joined my Uni’s bookclub, so any of their reads will also be added to my own list next year!

Of course I will also aim to have a new GR goal but that remains to be determined!

I’m tagging …

Anyone else who wants to take part! (Sorry if you have been tagged already!)

What Is Your Favourte Book Of The Year So Far? Let Me Know!

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas, BookNerds! IT IS GOOD TO BE BACK! πŸ’œπŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„πŸ“š


  1. Welcome back! University is time consuming, especially when you’re studying education or anything similar. But, it’s a very good thing. Cobwebs can always be dusted off. πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you! Very time consuming, I’m doing Psychology so there is *So much* extra reading etc… (gotta love collaborative disciplines!) Aha indeed, I do love it! Hehe thankyou that is very reassuring! Hope you are doing okay πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  2. […] Hey guys. I know that I haven’t been constant during blogmas and I’m sorry. But I wasn’t going to force myself to blog every day if I wasn’t feeling it. But today with roughly a week left of 2020 (shocking I know), I thought I would do the end of the year book tag. I did this last year which you can read here. I saw this over on Koos’s blog and you can read their answers here. […]


  3. Welcome back KB, and thanks so much for the tag! 😍 Yay for the Throne of Glass series! I actually still need to finish the last book but have been delaying it coz I’m terrible! LOL I have Quiet by Cain on my TBR as well and it’s been there for so long… I think the book just intimidates me πŸ˜‚ I hope you enjoy it if you do read it next year!

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    • Thank you, Dini! You’re welcome πŸ’œ AHaha, I can’t believe it took me so long to start ToG! LOL, I’m on QoS atm. 🀣 One of my Lecturer’s recommended it so I thought I’d give it ago during the January break! Does seem a tad intimidating though… Thank you – i hope so to, hope you enjoy it if you read it aswell! πŸ’œπŸ’œ


  4. Welcome back!! ❀️ I am glad you are enjoying Maas’ books. I am not the biggest fan of her, and we have a complicated relationship (because I think she is an amazing story teller and I enjoyed the time I spent with her books, but I am just mad at the way she treats her MC, or better, the chooses she has made for them… It is a thing that annoy me so much that I had to just stop reading her books)but I am happy to see that they are working for you!
    Anyway, this tag was fun to read!!

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