Book of Water Tag: Avatar Blogger Award

Hi BookNerds! So, if you didn’t know Andrew @ OnMyBookshelf has created an AWESOME blogger award made up of some booktags that are based on Avatar: The Last Airbender (Which I re-watched recently because I can and it’s awesome!) – you can read how this will work on Andrew’s blog! The tag I am doing today is the Water Tag and it looks super fun, so a big thank you to Andrew for tagging me in it!

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. I’ve heard stories about the old days, a time of peace when the Avatar Blogger kept balance between the Water Critics, Earth Reviewers, Fire Writers, and Air Readers. But that all changed when the Fire Writers attacked. 

Only the Avatar Blogger, master of all four blogging elements could stop the ruthless Fire Writers. But when the world needed them the most, they vanished. A hundred years have passed, and the Fire Writers are nearing victory in the war. 

Some people believe that the Avatar Blogger was never reborn into the Air Readers, and that the cycle is broken. But I haven’t lost hope. I still believe that somehow, the Avatar Blogger will return to save the book world!

How to become the Avatar Blogger:

  • To become the Avatar Blogger and save the book world from the Fire Writer Lord, the Avatar Blogger must master all four elements.
  • To master an element, a blogger must be tagged in the four following tags: Book of Water Tag, Book of Earth Tag, Book of Fire Tag, Book of Air Tag.
  • Once a blogger has posted all four tags to their page, they can message the Order of the White Lotus (@onmybookshelff) on twitter to receive the Avatar Blogger Award. (Not first come first serve. Everyone can get the award!)

Rules of this Tag: 

  • Thank whomever tagged you.
  • Callback to the creator of the tag: Andrew @ On My Bookshelf.
  • Answer the 7 questions below.
  • Help other potential Avatar Bloggers by tagging 3 other bloggers.
  • Spread the love and read other posts!

The young men of the water tribe often give a betrothal necklace to the women they intend to marry. 
What is your favorite book couple, or what two characters do you wish could be together?

Of course I have to put Elizabeth and Darcy down here because what kind of P&P fan would I be otherwise??? I have a lot of favourite book couples though!

Water tribe members are often recognizable by their blue clothing.
What are some of your beautiful blue book covers?

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern, Fantastic Beasts & WTFT, All The Light We Cannot see by Anthony Doerr, and HP & The POA all have beautiful blue covers – or at least my copies do!

The first water benders learned to bend from watching the moon move the oceans.
Share a book you have with the moon on the cover or in the title.

I have almost no books with moon in the title or with a moon on the cover, surprisingly, but I did still have Blue Moon (The Immortals #2), by Alyson Noel from when I was a young teenager! I haven’t read this series in a long time but I remember being bought them when I was about 12? But it is the only book I own that fits this prompt so we’re going with it!

Master water benders can use it fluidly to go from attacking to defending, giving it great diversity.
What genres do you like to read the most, and what is appealing about each of them?

Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my top two favourite genres because they are the easiest to escape into, I love being transported to the magical and mystical worlds created by the authors. I find the worlds to be incredibly fascinating. I also love the magical elements because I love suspending my belief and diving into battles or watching and learning how these systems work!

I do also enjoy Horror/Triller, Historical Ficiotn and General Fiction though – I will read a lot of different genres if the synopsis intrigues me!

Both the Northern and Southern Water Tribes live close to the spirit portals, meaning they live in harmony with nature.
Share pictures of one location in your country you’d like to inspire the setting of a book. 

Hmm the UK already has a LOT of books set here in numerous locations, I actually would prefer to see more books inspired by other countries locations by authors from there since there are so many possibilities, and the ones I have read have been phenomenal.

Healing, ice, water, blood, cloud and plant bending are all forms of water bending, with a range of skills in each.
What is your favourite aspect of being a blogger?

My favourite aspect has to be the community! I love reading and writing reviewss but the community definitely makes it worthwhile – everyone is so kind, friendly and supportive and it makes blogging all the more fun! Socialising with the community is fantastic because you are then able to join groups, tours, readalongs or buddy reads, and everyone is always up for a chat and are happy to discuss opinions about books you have read – it is always great to share the love for books you have adored or see why people didn’t enjoy the book as much, its always interesting to see each others perspective!

Blood bending is considered an evil form of water bending, allowing you to manipulate the blood in a person’s body.
Who is your favourite book villain?

I love villains, they are always so interesting to read about! I adore classic villains from Dracula, to ones from my childhood such as Voldemort or Count Olaf, to horror such as Pennywise! Now though I love any villain that is clever, scheming and vicious, like Moriarty, the more manipulative and clever the villain is the more I will love them and find them intriguing! I can’t pick just one!

If you have made it this far, you have mastered the element of Water, bringing you one step closer to becoming the Avatar Blogger. Good luck to you in your training.

I am tagging:

Ellie @ ReadToRamble

Emer @ ALittleHaze



  1. Omg I’m officially in love with this tag and award! What a great idea. Thanks for tagging me lovely 💚💜💜💚 I totally agree with you on the community and social aspect of blogging. It’s such a welcoming place to be ☺️☺️☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great tag and thank you so so much for tagging me, I’ll definitely get this up on my blog in the next few weeks! 🙂 ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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