Book Review + BlogTour: The Die Of Death (The Great Devil War #2), by Kenneth B. Andersen

An Amazing, Fun, And Entertaining Fantasy
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Hi BookNerds! It is my stop on the blogotur and I just wanted to say a massive thank you to @The_WriteReads for giving me a spot because this series is just so much fun and I am thrilled to have been able to continue it!

The Die Of Death, by Kenneth B Andersen is a fantastic and fun sequel to The Devil’s Apprentice! This book is full of brilliant world-building, interesting characters and fun twists that keep you thoroughly entertained.

Synopsis: Philip’s days in Hell have changed him for the better, he now has friends to spend his time with and no longer follows every single rule applied to him. But, Philip misses his friends in Hell, though he may see them sooner than he thinks. When Death discovers an important item of his has been stolen he realises the future of the underworld is in danger, and Death needs Philip’s help to set things right again. As Philip helps to save the underworld again, he also comes across a shocking truth about his own life. Can Philip save the future of the underworld again? And can he cope with the newly revealed truths of his own life?

This review may contain spoilers for the first book in the series, review here: The Devil’s Apprentice.

Light, Comical, Direct But Balanced and Metaphorical —

The Writing Style/Narrative. Unsurprisingly, Andersen manages to maintain his light, comical, direct but balanced and metaphorical writing style flawlessly in this fascinating sequel. The language is relatively simple and direct meaning you can fly through the story, but he effectively uses complex and vivid metaphors to draw attention to key details and to create a strong image of the world he has created – the balance is perfect and makes the book suitable for all age ranges.

Moreover, Andersen’s writing style is incredibly engaging, he masterfully creates pathos for characters and situations and easily makes you feel connected to the world and characters he has crafted, from the moment you open the book you are hooked and that attention never wavers. He cleverly weaves together comedy, danger and suspense creating strong atmospheres that draw you in and have effective pay-offs which keep you intrigued, shocked and satisfied throughout the whole story.

Again the story is told from the third person perspective of Philip – and again it is still a very effective choice. Philip is still a child, but has developed a lot since the first book – he is still a good child but is more flexible and has friends now. This means that his perspective is even more intrguing than before because now he is more inclined to do ‘bad’ things, so he is a little bit more unpredictable. Despite being a young child, you can easily connect with his perspective in this book because the events he has to deal with are ones relevant to us all.

The perspective gives us a lot of insight into Philip, his thoughts, emotions and motivations but also keeps us blind to the other characters motives. This allows a sense of mystery and suspense to be created and the tension works very well alongside the story because it keeps you interested. Much like with the first book, I really enjoyed this perspective, even more so now with Philip being more developed, and thought it worked wonderfully.

— Brilliantly Unique Story And Was Incredibly Fun —

The Story/Plot. Andersen is a fantastic story teller. This series has a fresh perspective on Hell/the underworld and has a unique storyline that never fails to entertain. We follow Philip as he is returned to Hell in order to help Death recover a stolen item that, if not returned, can cause a lot of trouble for Hell and its future.

This was a brilliantly unique story and was incredibly fun to read. The story is well paced from start to finish with well timed action filled scenes that are mixed in with fun, comical scenes as well as more serious ones. This worked incredibly well and was very effective, I loved this sequel as it added a great dynamic and extra elements to the world we already know. Andersen crafted a very intriguing story and a very well developed underworld and this book develops it even further – we learn a lot more about how Death and his Die works, about Life, and even about what is outside of Hell.

Moreover, the villain(s) of the story are fascinating, the way they influence the story and create tension and conflict is very cleverly done, it is subtle but effective and slowly builds to create a fantastic climax. This perfectly sets up for the next book in the series and makes you want to read more immediately.

I really enjoyed the concept of this story and the focus on Death, it gave us a new perspective and insight into the character of Death but also the world Death lives in. This allowed a lot of themes to be explored, most importantly life and death and the effects of immortality. It is done in a very gentle but powerful way that younger readers can easily understand and older readers can relate to and analyse.

I also loved the Earth aspect of the story and seeing how Philip’s life has changed now that he has grown. His new friendships on Earth and ability to actually relate to other children was a wonderful development that I hope continues through the rest of the series. Watching Philip’s life change, seeing him be much happier and actually enjoying his childhood with multiple friends was very interesting, even if he did miss his friends in Hell.

I can’t say too much more about the story as it is easy to spoil, but I really enjoyed the direction Andersen took. I cannot wait to see where Andersen takes us in the next book, I look forward to seeing the world develop more as the series goes on and am excited to see how the characters grow.

The Characters. I loved the characters in this story, I loved them in book 1 and now I love them even more. Each of the characters we know have been incredibly well developed, they have grown and become more multi-dimensional.

Philip. Philip has grown a lot over the course of this story, he has become more social, more lenient, happier and more unpredictable. Philip is still a very kind child, a ‘good’ child who will not do ‘bad’ things for the sake of doing so but is a little more selfish and more likely to stand up for himself. I like how Philip has developed and find his character to be surprisingly easy to relate to and connect with. Philip’s slight unpredictability adds a lot to the story and makes him more realistic, he is more emotional but still determined to be helpful and that makes him a great character overall.

Philip’s relationship with Satina also develops naturally and realistically. They make a great pair as they have very different personalities but are also incredibly compatible, they balance each other out and encourage each other to be better. It is an excellent dynamic that works perfectly.

Satina. I love Satina, she has also changed a lot as well, her character has developed wonderfully. Satina is a devil, specifically a trickster, and is great at encouraging people to carry out misdeeds but she is also surprisingly sweet and kind aswell. Satina is very clever, determined and headstrong, but can also be very emotional, shy and awkward. Her character is very strong and and interesting and is a brilliant contrast to Philip, but they also have some similarities and so make an incredible team.

Lucifer. So Lucifer is not as prominent in this book as he is in the first but we see a significant change in him now that he is restored to full health. Lucifer is stronger, more powerful, and more confident. Lucifer is great, his character is still brilliant and how he has bonded with Philip is one of the best things in the story. He is absolutely thrilled to have Philip back and treats hime like a son, they have a fantastic relationship and I cannot wait to see how it develops later on in the series.

Death. Death has a smaller but significant role in the first book and we get to see a lot more of him in this one and it was excellent. Death’s character is fascinating, he has distinctive views, is very direct and incredibly domineering and yet is reasonable and surprisingly kind. I loved the insight we get into Death’s character in this book, it really expands the world we are reading about. I hope to see more of him as the series goes on because I love the depth he added.

Overall. This was a fantastic story, and a brilliant sequel, it was fun, entertaining and full of twists and turns to keep you intrigued. The characters were well developed, their relationships developed naturally and their lives and insight added a lot of depth to the world. Honestly, I love this series A LOT and breezed through this book in one night – it is such a fantastic story that seems to grow even more entertaining with each book!

I will definitely be continuing with this series because I am so excited to see how the world and characters develop as it goes on. This is a series that I would definitely recommend to all fantasy lovers who want a fun but multi-dimensional story filled with dynamic relationships and in-depth characters.

*I received a kindle copy of this book from @The_WriteReads in order to participate in a #blogtour*

About the author

Kenneth B. Andersen (1976) is an award-winning Danish writer. He has published more than forty
books for children and young adults, including both fantasy, horror, and science fiction.
His books have been translated into more than 15 languages and his hit-series about the superhero
Antboy has been turned into three movies. A musical adaptation of The Devil’s Apprentice, the first
book in The Great Devil War series, opened in the fall 2018 and film rights for the series have been
Kenneth lives in Copenhagen with his wife, two boys, a dog named Milo, and spiders in the


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