Bookish Things And Thoughts (#5)

Hiya BookNerds! So, you all seem to be enjoying this little series of posts I started so I thought I would continue it today! (As usual you can see the previous post- here.) As a book lover there are some things that we do that others simply do not understand and today I thought we would take a look at some of them. Let’s dive in!

Pretty Covers!

Re-buying books you already own because “look at the pretty covers”. This is super common among book lovers! Because while we may already own this book, or this series, we do not own the ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS new editions that have been released and we need them because they are stunning.

Shipping Game!

Shipping game is strong. If you are part of any bookish fandom, or have read books with multiple characters and possible love interests then your shipping game is going to be pure gold. You can catch the small nuances in the characters behaviour and ship them because omg they would be so cute, while others look at you in pure confusion. Shipping is an art form and us bookish nerds are the masters, nobody can out ship us and out OTP’s…unless they too are bookish then good luck because a shipping war is chaos at its finest! Non bookish/fandom people will never understand the intensity of shipping, never!

Big Books And Chunky Reads!

As a kid you thought 200 to 400 page books were ‘Big Books‘ me now– ooh only 800 pages? what a light read! I will pile up the chunky, big, monsterous books and label them as ‘light reading’ because pffftt it is a piece of cake compared to the 1000 page books I have read. While I am exaggerating slightly, as you get older big books tend to be seen as less threatening or demanding reads compared to the 200 page book you had to study in English class! The bigger the book the more horror that appears on non book lovers faces!

Classic Hatred To Love!

Despised studying classics in school, now re-reads them every year! I have always loved reading but there is nothing I hated more than being forced to read a classic that, at the young age I was, I did not understand in English lessons. Now that I am older I adore classics, even some we were forced to study and some of them I have re-read yearly or at least multiple times!

Reading Slumps!

Reading Slumps. After having been on a beautiful reading spree you have suddenly lost the urge to read, cannot find a book that holds your interst or have any clue about what genre you even WANT to read. Maybe it is set off by a book you really didn’t like or because your mood has changed. Either way a reading slump is awful and non bookish people do not seem to udnerstand the absolute pain this causes us poor readers! It can take forever for us to get out of a reading slump, and no just picking up another book will not fix it so shhhh. It takes the perfect book, the right book to help us get out of one!

A little shorter today, I’m sorry! But, I am super busy to so I won’t be very active either! However, I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you do any of these/feel the same way? Let me know! Happy Reading BookNerds! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ“š


  1. I feel like I must’ve been the only person who always loved her assigned reading at school lol! I just always have loved my classics.
    And omg THE PAIN IS REAL WHEN IT COMES TO SLUMPS!!!!!! Non readers just don’t get it lol! Great post KB :)))))) <3333

    Liked by 1 person

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