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‘Tis the gift-giving season and if you are anything like me then you LOVE to give people gifts! You may spend hours, days, weeks or even months looking for the perfect gift to give you friends or family. However, if you are buying for a fellow reader and book lover then finding the perfect gift can be a difficult task. Why? Because there may be a decent chance that, if you buy them a book, they have already read it! Or you may be afraid that you will buy a book that they will dislike, a genre they do not read or other problems. Of course, you can get a book list directly off of them and buy from the list or you can get them something that is bookish related! So today I have chosen a few bookish gifts that I have received before and LOVED and maybe it will help you too during this festive season!

Handmade Or Pretty Bookmarks.

I LOVE receiving bookmarks, bonus points if they are nerdy and fandom related like the one pictured above! I received this one from a friend a year or two ago and I love it! Whether they are storebought or handmade, a bookmark is the perfect gift because we will ALWAYS need them! I love collecting them, as do many other readers I know and it saves us the trouble of having to find scrap bits of paper or wrappers to use instead so we don’t have to dog-ear the page!

Your Favourite Book.

This could be just me, though I am sure it isn’t, but I ADORE people gifting me their own favourite book. If a friend or family member of mine has a favourite book then I will always try to read it myself, but it is not always possible. So, when I receive them as gifts it is so sweet because it is like a little part of themselves! Even if it is not a genre I normally read, I will still love to receive it because if you adore this book then I will try my best to see why! It is always great when people feel comfortable enough to share their passions with you, and this is a great way to do so!

Pretty, Special Editions Of Their Favourite Book.

If you know your friends all time favourite book, or at least one of them since we are all incapable of narrowing it down! Then a special edition or a super pretty or detailed edition of that book is the PERFECT gift. Because no matter how many copies of that book we may own, we will always want a pretty edition of it for display!

Cute Book-Lights.

If, like me, your reader friends/family like to read at night or during their travels then a little portable book-light my be the perfect gift. You can usually clip them to your books, so they are great for journeys! There is a relatively big range of them and they can be cute or nerdy so you can choose one that is the most suitable!! They are also perfect for night-owls who may have partners who do not appreciate being kept up at night by your lamp or light while your reading!

All Things Nerdy.

If you have bookloving friend or family member who is also a big fandom member, or a child who may not yet appreciate the more practical gifts, then you can always get them something fandom related! Whether it is a plushie of their favourite character, a funko pop figure, a cushion, scarf or t-shirt with a logo, character or quote on it, they will be loved and are perfect for decorating the bookshelf! Or if you want to make somthing yourself then you can always paint a canvas, draw a character, or frame a quote they love!

Credit Or Alternate Forms.

Some book lovers, like myself, may also have a disability or chronic illness which can affect their reading or their reading style. Credit, book tokens or audible credit etc.. is a great gift for someone who may rely on audio books for the enjoyment of reading! I love audio books because they are great for when I am out in my wheelchair, but they are also great for people who cannot hold a book for long periods of time or for those who cannot read a physical book/e-book. This is also a great gift for people who travel frequently or don’t have the time to sit down and read – audio books are just too awesome. You could even buy a fancy new set of ear-phones or headphones for your audiobook loving friends!

The festive season is super fun but can be stressful when it comes to buying gifts, but the most important thing to remember if that it is the thought that counts! So, this was my list of bookish gifts that may be suitable for this festive season! Do you ever make handmade gifts? Let me know! Happy Reading BookNerds! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ“š


  1. I 100% agree with you that receiving a copy of someone’s fav book is very special. It’s even lovelier if they write in the book and explain why they love it or perhaps mark fav quotes and/or passages. To me that is the perfect present :)))

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