Friday Fun: This OR That! (#1)

So it is Friday! The glorious end of the week has arrived and so I have decided to do a fun post that works like a game of ‘Would you rather’. I am sure I am not the first to have this idea, but these choices are entirely my own for this post! So welcome to my new series of booktag posts called ‘This Or That’ and I am kicking it off with a Character Edition of it! This version works on the idea of who YOU would prefer to be friends with/have as an ally/or as a partner. I hope you enjoy!


  • Tag the creator (me 😊)
  • Tag a few people ( as many as you would like!)
  • The choice is based on who YOU would prefer to have as a friend/ally/partner.
  • You have to try and choose one and not go for a neutral response of both
  • If you do not know the characters/series then you can skip that segment
  • Have fun and answer honestly!

Harry Potter

Hermione Or Ron

I am choosing this based on a friendship and in that instance I would probably go with Hermione. I love and adore Ron and he is a brilliant friend who is kind and caring, but I feel I have more in common with Hermione and I would get on with her much better because I have a lot of similar beliefs in terms of rules, education and general determination! Plus, it would be a super cool friendship full of debates and respect, and me being a Hufflepuff means I could help balance out her flaws, and she mine!

Sirius Black Or Remus Lupin

I adore both of these characters, I love the marauders and Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite in the series (followed by Goblet of fire). But, I would have to choose Remus Lupin. While Sirius is one of my all time favourites in the series, I would choose Lupin for this because he is much more level headed, calmer and I feel I would get on better with him-and he is also one of my favourites because… I mean… it’s Lupin!

Neville Or Luna

Both of these characters are fantastic and extremely interesting. But, as a friend or ally I would choose Neville. I love Luna and she would be an amazing friend, but Neville is so underrated and has so many amazing qualities that I have to choose him, particularly in the later books when he displays more confidence and has mastery over his magic. He would be unstoppable, I mean he used the Sword Of Gryffindor to behead Nagini! Who doesn’t want that person on their side?!?! Not only that, Neville is extremely clever, especially in herbology so uh yes please? So kind and helpful!

Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit

Gimli Or Legolas

This pair is highly amusing and entertaining and if you don’t love them both then we can’t be friends. The sass and wit that brews when these two are together is just brilliant, but overall I would choose Legolas. Why? Because he is a beautiful, capable, strong Elf and if that is not a great ally then I don’t know what is? Legolas is an amazing character and I love elves so I am bias. But, I mean, have you seen him with a bow? Definitely a fantastic choice of friend and ally if you ask me!

Frodo Or Bilbo

These characters are brilliant Bilbo in the hobbit is just pure gold, and Frodo is just so determined. But, I would choose Bilbo, Ok, yes he goes a little odd when he gets the ring, but not as bad as Gollum so that counts for something right? Besides, I adore Bilbo in the hobbit because he is just so fed up but so determined at the same time, and that kind of determination has to get you somewhere! Plus, he is relatively smart! The riddle scene with Gollum shows his wit and he literally faces Smaug and proceeds to try and trick him soooo that brazen bravery has to be worth something!

Aragorn Or Legolas

Hehe, ok so Legolas is obviously going to win here for the afore mentioned reasons. But! I do love Aragorn and think he would be an amazing friend and ally!! But, Legolas still wins out because I want a witty, sarcastic Elf on my team and you can’t stop me!

Pride And Prejudice


Mr Darcy Or Mr Bingley

Mr Bingley is, undeniably, a sweetheart but MR DARCY hands down is my choice. Yes, he has some issues with his pride and is socially awkward but he is working on it! and by the end of the book he has acknowledged his faults and goes above and beyond to fix them. Mr Darcy is loyal, kind, sweet, generous, and determined and above all is respectful! When he is rejected he fixes his issues and tries to be kind and doesn’t turn into a forceful jerk who doesn’t take no for an answer! Mr Darcy is by far an amazing character and I love him and his development so he is definitely who I would choose.

Kitty Or Lydia

Ahh the two most frustrating Bennet sisters. Flirtatious and over the top, they are terrible together but, Lydia is by far the worst. So, I would befriend Kitty! Kitty is not perfect but is worse when she is with Lydia, who is just a bad influence and just the worst in general, on her own she is kinder, funnier and sweeter and definitely my choice!

Mr Wickham Or Mr Collins

…I do not like either of these men. Collins just infuriates me, I just really cannot stand him, and Wickham is a liar and money grabber who is dreadful overall. But, if I HAD to be with one of them, at least as an ally, I would probably have to choose *sigh* *shudders*Mr Collins because he at least has some social standing, money, no debts and good connections/relations…. but it would be painful and dreadful and I would want to throttle him (I wouldn’t of course, but I’d want to).πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Hunger Games

Peeta Or Gale

Ok, I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t really that into either of them, I didn’t really ship Katniss much when I read the books and overall just liked them as characters. But, if I were to choose one I would probably choose Peeta, because Gale messed up in the end-big time- and Peeta is incredibly loyal and selfless. Gale, I did admire as he helped Katniss and her family, but by the end was disappointed in him so because of that Peeta is my choice.

Primrose Or Rue

Amazing characters, both of them, and they are incredibly similar in some ways. Of course, we do see more of Prim as the story goes on but Rue is simply adorable, sweet, selfless, trusting and just ahh. While I do like Prim and her character and think she is incredibly intelligent and useful, as an ally I would probably choose Rue. She is incredibly stealthy and supportive and so kind that you could easily trust her and be loyal to each other.

Cinna Or Effie

These characters are just stunning and I am still so mad about Cinna’s fate. While Effie is an awesome character who is clever and supportive, I would choose Cinna. He is sweet, kind, clever, daring and determined to make a difference. I love Cinna’s character and would have to choose him because I adore his methods, his skills and his craft.

Lunar Chronicles

Cinder Or Scarlet

The Lunar Chronicles is filled with awesome, diverse and great female main characters and I love them all, but I am going to go with Scarlet for this one. I love Cinder’s character and think she is clever and capable, but I adore Scarlet and her headstrong bravery. She is devoted, determined and suspicious of you until you prove to be trustworthy, a great ally trait and great for a friendship as she is very loyal and stubborn. Scarlet is incredibly capable and isn’t afraid to get going and do what needs to be done and she is very protective of those who she can trust and those she loves.

Winter Or Cress

Again, I love both characters but overall I would choose Winter. While Cress is extraordinary and exceptionally clever, her programming is impressive and by far amazing, her character overall would not fit as well as Winter. Winter is sweet, kind, gentle, loving and modest. Though she is aloof at times and trusts too easily, her character is jus so sweet and helpful that I would love to befriend her!

Wolf Or Captain Thorne

Thorne is a great character full of wit, humour and is generally an idiot but I would choose Wolf. Wolf is strong, protective and loyal to what is right. He actively goes against his conditioning in order to protect those he loves and is incredibly determined and headstrong. I love his character and his development and would defintely choose him as an ally and a friend.

Random Supernatural Question

Dean Or Sam

Dean. My answer is always Dean for this and I am not even sorry. Dean is kind, sweet, loyal, selfless and extremely nerdy — not only that he can find his way out of anything. He is smart, in a different way to Sam, and much more caring than he lets on, he and will do anything for his family. Dean does have flaws and can be brazen, impulsive and quick to anger but he is determined and stubborn and incredibly good at heart! (just a little addition, I am 2 seasons behind so no spoilers in the comments my bookish and nerdy peeps!)

I hope you enjoyed this game/booktag! If you did I will do some more over the next few weeks/new year!! Including items, powers etc… from these (and maybe other) series/books! I had a lot of fun with this one and I hope you all do too, feel free to give this a shot even if you werent tagged!! I would love to see all of your answers.

These are my opinons and are just for fun and I love most of these characters (exception is Wickham and Collins) so I am very sorry to all of you who love the ones I didn’t choose!

If you did enjoy then let me know if you would like to see more! Would you have struggled with any of these, or do you disagree with me on any? Tell me in the comments and we can chat about the nerdy and the bookish! Happy Reading BookNerds! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ“š

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  1. I have a this or that question…. Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility or Rochester from Jane Eyre…..


    Love this tag so much…. But I’m 100% gonna pick Lydia over Kitty cos lol I love some drama πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thankyou! I am glad you liked it! hehe as I was writing them I was like… darn it I have to answer this one πŸ˜‚ some are definitely quite difficult! Thankyouu πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


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