Bookish Things And Thoughts #3

I am back with more of my bookish things and thoughts (Part #1 here and part #2 here) but this one will be a kind of Christmas edition because it is Christmas time, my favourite time of the year! ☃⛄❄🌨🎄 Now, when it hits the holidays, Christmas or the end of the year there are a few things that I, and many other bookish people do, so let us dive right into these festive thoughts!

Non-Stop Chatter

And by this I mean constantly talking about books you want. Many of us have had family members say they won’t buy you books because ‘I don’t know what you like’. Even if I have told them I read practically any genre they still refuse just in case- Which is fair, I understand that. So, as an alternative many of us decide the best course of action here is to Incessantly discuss, describe, explain and admire the books we want. Does this become annoying to our loving family? Yes. But does it work??? SOMETIMES. As we get older we try to do this a little more subtley and on the sly just in case it actually works. Of course I am grateful for everything I receive but when I am constantly asked about what I want and you ignore my answer of ‘nothing‘ and refute or refuse my answer ‘books‘ then I can tell you that I will 100% adopt this method.😂

‘You Have Enough Books’

Being told ‘you have enough books’ when you put them on your list is just heartbreaking😂 For your information I will NEVER have enough books, it is not possible, if I cannot enter my room due to the amount of books I own then So be it . If my bookshelf kills me because of the sheer weight of books I have crammed on it then so be it. Because I will ALWAYS need more books – ALWAYS.

Christmas List

I hate writing Christmas lists. Mainly because if I don’t Need something then I will not ask for it. But, this is insufficient for my lovely family who adore gift buying and will pester me until I write some sort of list. So I comply and will write a list that consists SOLELY OF BOOKS. Does this annoy my family? Yes, yes it does. Will I stop?? Nooopppeee.

Space, And The Lack Of It

Asking and receiving books and then realising you have not got enough space so you make some. I do not have multitudes of space for books, so when I ask for and receive books from my family at Christmas I realise my dilemma. I do not have enough space so I resort to making space. I will rearrange my bookshelf unti the books are crammed on (without damage of course), I will remove decorative items and ornaments and replace them with my books, I will add to my ever growing BOOKPILE, that has no doubt accumulated over the gift-giving season, I will sell my sould to the devil just for an inch more bookspace and will repeat this process EVERY TIME I RECEIVE BOOKS. Because no, I do not have enough books!

Book Releases

Realising that since you have given out your book list SO MANY other amazing books have been released that you now cannot ask for and will have to wait until the new year to buy or borrow. This is inevitable. And while I am well aware that the books I do receive will take me weeks, months etc.. to actually read, it does not mean that I do not want ALL OF THE AMAZING BOOKS THAT COME OUT. This is of course, impractical and I do not have an unlimited source of money to buy every book that is released, but I can dream ok??


By now, I am sure, you all know I LOVEEE a good re-read over the holiday period. I try to do this annually and at Christmas time because it gets me into the holiday spirit! the nostalgia, love and adoration I have for Pride and Prejudic, Harry Potter, Jane Eyre etc.. just screams festive to me because, ultimately, the holidays are about the love and nostalgia and family adoration and these books say that for me!

Hehe, obviously I am exaggerating sightly on these points (probably😉) and I am grateful for all the gifts I receive because they are always truy amazing and thoughtful and my friends and family do know me so well. But, books will always be the only gift I actively ask for since I never know what else to put on my list.

I do love Christmas time, and the gifts are the least important part, as I will love whatever I receive anyway, but this is because I adore the atmosphere of this season and the family element. The holidays are a busy time, and can be a hard time for many of us, so I send my love to all of you bookish people over this period and hope this post made you smile a little!

Don’t forget to take care of yourselves over this busy season!! Let’s share some joy and comment what your favourite thing is about this time of year, Christmas related or not! Happy Reading BookNerds! 😊💜📚


  1. I love this post!!!! My family don’t ever buy me books as presents… probably wise because I’ll probably already have read whatever they buy 😂😂😂 I firmly ascribe to the buy me book vouchers motto. Honestly I love book vouchers so much. I get so excited going into a bookshop with them 😂

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    • Thank you so much!!! Hehe, my family usually have to use a list I give them of books so they don’t double up or buy one I already read but my brother was very reluctant this year when I said books, but book vouchers are a great idea! I love them too it is so exciting when you get to use them!! I love them so much, but never put them on my list for some reason?? 🤣😂 Probably because I know how indecisive I will be when it comes to buying the books because I will want them all! 🤣😂💜

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