T.A.D, by M.D.Neu

TAD by M.D. Neu

3.5/5 STARS
This was a wonderful story with an interesting perspective on society, fate, mortality and angels. We follow Tad (The Angel of Death) who has been sent to Earth as a punishment for helping, and Doug- a human with a big heart who loves to drink, party and perform as Enshannon (his drag persona).
Tad and Doug build up a brilliant and wonderful relationship and friendship over the course of the book and are fiercely loyal to one and other, Tad is even more protective of Doug.

Throughout the book there are many twists and turns due to alterations in life and fate and the reader can never guess what the consequences may be! However, the friendships mostly remain strong throughout and maintains a strong theme in the novel of love and acceptance. With such diverse characters you can’t help but love them and feel for them, M.D Neu creates wonderfully realistic characters and portrays their struggles In life accurately.
The LGBTQ+ aspects of this book are well written and the characters well developed. The positive message portrayed for these characters are ones we desperately need, and the serious messages are made all too clear.

The supernatural aspects are interesting and enjoyable- but I just felt that something was missing, perhaps due to the lack of world development. However, we do get to see the way Fate works and why the Angel of Death must behave in a certain way and this was very fun and interesting.

The ending was a twist that-depending on how well you were paying attention- is unexpected and heart-warming, though not the ending you would probably expect.

(Trigger warnings for suicide, 9/11, sexual assault, attempted rape)

*I was provided with an advance digital copy by netgalley/publisher (Ninestar press) in exchange for an honest review)* 

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