Doing Time, by Jodi Taylor

Doing Time by Jodi Taylor


This was amazing, funny and original-I cannot wait for more!

The Time Police is a very original and unique story that follows Jane, Matthew and Luke, three people who join the time police for very different reasons, all of whom are seen as weird and likely to fail. Jane joins after breaking her grandmothers seagull (sorry but you will have to read the book to hear more about this event ;D). She is quiet, nervous and anxious and seems extraordinarily unlikely to be particularly useful. However, as the story moves on she appears to bright, intelligent and witty- she was a wonderful character with whom I easily connected with and felt extremely sorry for at times! She is funny, interesting and, in her own right, rather badass.

Matthew is considered weird but genius. He is the most familiar with the time police, having grown up around it (though his backstory is considerably more heart-breaking than we initially realise – this has a cleverly written effect on his personality but is not so domineering that his character is based only upon the past). Matthew is relatively charming despite his stoic and silent approach and is also funny and incredibly clever. However, he is hated due to his connection with St Mary’s, something he is not ashamed of and appears to take it in his stride.

Luke is the flirty, rich kid- people dislike him because he purposely irritates them. However, there is so much more to his personality than this and he is charming, funny and considerate at a lot of points in the story. He joins the time police through his father who is trying to teach him a lesson. However, this appears to have some unintended results by the end of the book. (Not sure if it was intentional but the possible Star Wars reference at the end between Luke and Mr Parrish was much loved-see if you can spot it ;D ).

These three are grouped together for their training and are given the bottom of the barrel missions (which are hilarious, interesting and perfectly showcase the depth of these characters)- they unconventionally complete them and appear to do better than originally predicted. However, that is not to say they do this perfectly, in fact there are many mishaps that keep you interested and intrigued from failing to catch a rabbit to trying to apprehend a man cheating the lottery. North and Ellis are their team leaders, they are amazing characters who can’t help but have a soft spot for their odd team. Elis is already familiar with Matthew but also believes that each of them have potential. Ellis is more compassionate the North who is blunt and knows what she wants. however, even she feels for the team.

As the team work on their training they find themselves entangled in a much wider story of death, traitors and crime.

I loved the Time police. I thought it had the perfect balance of comedy, action and character development. The characters were lovable and easy to connect with, the story was fun and intriguing and the historical elements were interesting. Despite being based around a widely done concept of time-travel, the Time Police is entirely original and unique with and interesting world, structure and story. The story, despite being rather comical at times, is also serious with murder and violence ensuing- and you are constantly guessing who is the perpetrator.
There are many values to this story from how the change of institutions and society affects those use to tradition to embracing your own nature and personality.

This book is definitely a must-read and is so fun to follow.

*I received digital advance copy from #netgalley and Headline publishers in exchange for an honest review* (@BookreviewsKb)


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